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F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy FDR Resurrection

It’s our first time on Rumble, & there’s a first time for everything, but there’s only one first time for anything; you never get to have a second first time. But why do radio veterans like Capt’n Max & suddenly find ourselves radio newbies? Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & Sexuality! No, I'm not banned on Callin (though I'm still Banned on Facebook & fighting META in arbitration June 26: save the date). But Callin just shut down, making us radio refugees… We’re also on Spaces, but we’re not new to X/Twitter, so it’s an FDR Resurrection! AND tis the season of resurrection, Easter Eve as we broadcast live from Bonoboville, living the Cage-Free Life, the Bonobo Way. Maybe you painted cage free Easter eggs, but do you lead a cage-free life? We try to live cage-free – or relatively free of corporate shackles. We’re into Free Speech, Free Assange, Free Palestine. Free yourself! Be Cage-Free! Be Bonobo! Resurrect your long-hibernating joie de vivre. It’s Spring! Resurrection is one of the springiest of Spring themes - & not just because it phonetically contains “erection” - but because after Jesus is “born again,” whom does He first see? His favorite Easter Bunny: Mary Magdalene. Jesus loves the sex workers. And our first call is from sex worker Hamilton Steele regaling us with tales of serving the tech lords & cuckold incels of Silicon Valley. Regarding resurrection, he wonders, “How did Easter bunnies & chocolate eggs come out of a Jewish guy being crucified?” Good question! And the answer, in part, is paganism. Jesus wasn’t the first human/God to be born again in Spring. On our Spring Equinox show, we compare the Resurrection of Jesus to Persephone, & on this Easter Eve Resurrection show, we compare Jesus to Dionysus aka Bacchus another God of the People who is killed & brought back to life by his Heavenly Father Zeus, aka Jupiter, aka God… From resurrection to insurrection, America’s Top Huckster is hawking The Trump Bible for just $59.95, reaching new heights of hucksterism, though Trump Bible couldn’t be any worse than Trump Steaks, Trump University… or the Trump White House (hopefully, that won’t be resurrected). Our oldest listener (since KFOX 93.5 FM!), Don PolyBi, calls in hoping Trump will lose Manhattan District Attorney’s Alvin Bragg’s 34-count felony “hush money” case against him just before the 2024 election, & history will record that Trumpty Dumpty was brought down by porn star Stormy Daniels. Coming soon: The Bonobo Bible! Coming even sooner: Our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. MakeKinkNotWar! Go Bonobos for peace & love as the wars rage on for the benefit of no one but the arms dealers. More:

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Dr. Susan Block talks Sex, Politics & Culture with her listeners. ON AIR 626-461-52I2 Call Anytime. Dr Suzy DrSuzie Dr. Susan Block
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