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F.D.R. (F*ck Da Rich) @DrSuzy Thanksgiving, Spanksgiving, Deep Throat Galore & No More War!

Seasons Beatings! Pr. Max & I take the Gravy Train—still digesting Thanksgiving—or the Day of Mourning for the native tribal peoples of America who were slaughtered, their land stolen by the Pilgrims, as surely as the natives of Palestine are being slaughtered, their land is stolen by the Zionists of today. Thus—though I'm thankful for the heartwarming Israel/Hamas hostages-for-prisoners exchange, AND for the fabulous feast created by Chef Gideon—I generally prefer Spanksgiving to Thanksgiving in Bonoboville. The Bible says, “Spare the rod & spoil the child.” I say: “Spare the child & use that hot rod to spoil your (consenting adult) lover with just the kind of spanking they enjoy.” Warning: Explicit Conversations About Politics, Culture, & S3xuality!  Spanksgiving is more reality-based than Thanksgiving, as it’s far more likely that our Pilgrim ancestors practiced the rites of Spanksgiving than the mythical love-in with the Wampanoag Native Americans that we’ve come to call Thanksgiving. Pilgrim & Puritan spankings, paddlings, whippings, floggings, “stocks & bonds,” “tar & feathering,” “public disgrace” & witch-hangings—which our witchcrafty audience finds particularly distressing this FDR—were, of course, totally nonconsensual atrocities delivered with sanctimonious relish, often to punish sexual transgressions. Now they’re making terrible “comebacks,” like corporal punishment in schools & torture in prisons. But consenting adults can share kinky healing pleasure in roleplaying such colonial crimes. It’s our duty to spank booty for Spanksgiving! Speaking of booty, don’t miss my “Deep Throat does LA” multi-media extravaganza—now online in all its multi-splendored glories. (  The Deep Throat logo is a kiss & caller Maria’s Callin avatar happens to be her own ruby lips wrapped around a fortune reading “You look happy & proud.” Maria’s sensuous descriptions of her TG cuisine remind us that eating is an oral pleasure, her singing is an aural pleasure & the bonobos are happy & proud to give thanks & spanks The Bonobo Way!  Be Bonobo: Save the Humans! Make Kink Not War - Make Love Not War - Check out more prose & shows:

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Dr. Susan Block talks Sex, Politics & Culture with her listeners. ON AIR 626-461-52I2 Call Anytime. Dr Suzy DrSuzie Dr. Susan Block
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