The Mason Duchatschek Show

The Mason Duchatschek Show ∙ Friday July 10, 2020 ∙ duration: 3:22

Why Good Products and Services Don't Cut it Anymore - Join Mason Duchatschek, co-author of the books Inclusive Leadership and People Matter Most as he discusses why it isn't enough to have a great product or service.

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The host, Mason Duchatschek, is an #1 bestselling author of multiple books including People Matter Most and Inclusive Leadership. His ideas have been featured in Selling Power Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and The New York Times.

Discover secrets of leadership, management and human potential in the workplace!

Mason leads discussions and interviews on a wide range of best practices and business topics related to: employee engagement, employee selection, employee development, employee retention, communication, customer service, sales, diversity and marketing.

Content of this podcast should be of interest to business owners, sales managers, human resource directors, marketing directors, training managers, supervisors and others with executive leadership and management responsibilities.

Mason leads discussions and explores solutions to common business problems such as:

How to reduce employee turnover.

How to increase sales.

How to reduce conflict and drama in the workplace.

How to avoid unnecessary employment related lawsuits.

How to develop supervisory skills and leadership abilities.

How to hire the best people.

How to keep the best employees longer.

How to improve communication.

How to improve customer service.

How to reduce employee theft.

How to reduce workers compensation costs and improve safety in the workplace.

How to improve employee relations and increase individual productivity.

and more!

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[This description is from The Mason Duchatschek Show.]

This show features interviews with authors and experts in areas of sales, management, HR, leadership, marketing and customer service

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