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This week, we conclude our Twilight rewatch series with Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. Bella is somehow ..less pale? Why her daddy so damn clueless? Why did they name that child that? Wtf @ the big fight scene. Ain't this a chick flick??? We were lied to! Tune in as we discuss this and more in Issue 106 of The Mighty Metahumans!

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Description by The Mighty Metahumans
Tune in as we review the latest in comics, anime, gaming, movies & tv from the black nerd perspective. Test your might in our hilarious DANGER ROOM segment. At the end of every issue, we spotlight products, books, artists, ig accounts, restaurants, etc you NEED to check out. The Mighty Metahumans are unfiltered, unhinged, sometimes off-topic, but always WORTHY. Cover up those virgin ears, kids, we curse over here. 🎤⚡️⚡️
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