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BONUS: The Peers Project gains investment to launch into U.S. market: A behind-the-scenes chat with Co-founder of S&P Ventures and The Peers Project Investor, Sam Mahmood

For most kids, punishment comes in the form of time-outs, groundings, and extra chores. But for this week’s special guest, acting out meant being forced to read profit and loss statements. A childhood deeply intertwined with the unwavering entrepreneurial endeavors of his father left Sam Mahmood with a simple ethos — success is not just measured in wealth, but in the positive impact one can bring to the world.

In this special bonus episode of PEERS, we’re joined by Sam Mahmood, Co-Founder of S&P Ventures and The Peers Project’s investor, to talk about dealing with pressure from your parents, what to do when you’re not seeing results, and the meaning behind his famous phrase “Better Health for Better Wealth”. 

About Sam:

Sam Mahmood is the Co-Founder, Partner and Chief Business Development Officer at S&P Ventures, an investment firm that provides funding and support to startups and early-stage companies. Sam also founded Surgical Republic LLC, a Medical Device company focused on Neurosurgery, Spine, & Cardiothoracic specialities and runs a weekly newsletter dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build scalable businesses.

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Description by The Peers Project

Welcome to PEERS - a podcast by BIPOC founders for BIPOC founders. Join me, proud biracial Australian and Forbes 30 Under 30 Lister, Michelle Akhidenor, for soul-enriching conversations with my peers - fellow BIPOC founders.

Each week, I dive deep into the entrepreneurial journey of my award-winning guests and unpack who they really are at their core. I ask questions like: Where did they grow up? How has their culture helped or hindered them along the way? What is it really like to be a Person of Colour in business? All of my (and hopefully, your) burning questions answered. 

With every episode, my mission is to create a supportive space to help you pursue your passion and start your business irrespective of the challenges we face as People of Colour. My interviews are honest, vulnerable and above all, human and I am committed to learning right alongside you in real time.

New episodes drop each and every week!

Thank you for being here, peers.

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