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The Social Nuisance Podcast ∙ Thursday July 09, 2020 ∙ duration: 51:22

099 - Monuments, National Anthem, & Turn Signals

Monuments all over the country are coming down, but are we getting ahead of ourselves? Do we need to play the national anthem for sporting events? Polyamourous relationships were recognized in Massachusetts, cool, right? Finally, of course, Kanye2020!

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A weekly 1 hour show discussing Current Events, Social Commentary, Philosophy and other topics that tickles our fancy. Open and unapologetic discussions towards the betterment of the Human Race. Join us. Support this podcast: [This description is from The Social Nuisance Podcast.]

We are a weekly 1 hour show on discussing Cultural Commentary, Social Behavior, Philosophy and other nonsense that arises. We strive to have open and unapologetic discussions towards the betterment of understanding through open dialogue.

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