The Soul Stories Podcast

The Soul Stories Podcast ∙ Monday February 03, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:12:15

The Power of Belief with Valencia Vargas

Valencia started off life feeling extremely isolated both from her family and peers. It's these circumstances that lead her down a destructive path early on. Listen to this transformational episode as Valencia recounts the challenging experiences that led her to healing and changing her life trajectory. It's one that could you make cry and leave you feeling inspired to make changes in your own life. It definitely did so for me. Enjoy!


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Valencia is a certified coach and you connect with her at and her Facebook page, Radiant Courage. You can also find her on Facebook - Valencia Vargas.


Beginning - Growing up isolated

16:28 - Searching for belonging

26:05 - Being sent to a boarding school

33:05 - Navigating an extremely structured treatment program

38:00 - Transformation begins

42:47 - Rewiring beliefs

50:00 - Taking responsibility and forgiveness

58:57 - Re-entering society

1:01:28 - Envisioning the future

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Hello and welcome to The Soul Stories Podcast!


Soul Stories curates space for difficult conversation and create connection through dialogue, storytelling, and creative expression. We host live events, workshops and a podcast! Check us out at for more information.


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Hello and welcome to the Soul Stories podcast! Soul Stories creates spaces for risk-taking, vulnerability and critical thought. We are living in a time period marked by separateness. Human beings are pushed farther and farther away from each other by technological advancements, political division, systematic oppression, and so much more. At Soul Stories, we are bringing humanity back to its roots of being in community with each other, sharing stories, and truly understanding the experience of another. This podcast will act as the campfire for you, the listener, as we illuminate hidden aspects of the human experience through storytelling and spark personal reflection and social change through dialogue. In Season 1, we speak with 8 change makers. Each interview is centered around the question: “What are you creating in the world and how is that informed by your experiences?” Each interview speaks to our individual personal journeys and the challenges we have to overcome to get there. The conversations are organic, constantly weaving and deliver truth. We hope that these episodes inspire you to reflect on your own journey and how you show up in the world as well as deepen your understanding of the social barriers humans face and how they overcome them.

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