The Truth About Ninjas

latest episode: 03.18.2019 @ 12:05 am

The Truth About... Denver Airport and Captain Marvel!

Ep.27: Fraser and Dan discuss the future or superhero movies and what genre could potentially replace them as the market gets over saturated. Afterwards, Dan tests Fraser's conspiracy knowledge in a l…

The Story of The Truth About Ninjas

The Truth About Ninjas is a weekly catch-up between old friends Fraser Lowrie and Dan Hall. Each week Lowrie and Hall speak about life and all its little quirks – from supermarket weddings to busking Hare Krishna’s… They’re just two guys digging holes and falling right in ’em!


  • Andy Galloway

    Thank you PodMust for introducing me to this show – I’ve now started listening to ttan on spotify pretty much every week. It’s a funny show but it’s not comedy. It’s like they’re having funny conversations but they aren’t trying to be funny or make the audience laugh. They clearly have a great friendship and that comes across in the show. I’ve listened to Podcasts for a long time and know that so many Podcasters lose their passion, their spark after a while. Ttan is brand new (only 5 or 6 eps atm) so I hope they stick at it. If frasier or dan ever see this, I just want to say: keep up the good work!

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