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Hey Soul Sister,

Welcome to another episode of UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH podcast. A place to help entrepreneurs OWN their unique story, inspire, heal, and make a bigger impact.

This week: All about breaking out of the box of linear thinking and honoring yourself

Lori Reisling is a Holistic Coach, Podcast and Retreat Host, and Digital Creator. In this episode, we talked about how to master your divine feminine energy while building a coaching business as a healer and Spiritual entrepreneur.

We spoke about honoring ourselves, our feelings, values, and leave behind the norms and regulations that we've been taught about how a business would be created in order to be successful. We discussed manifestation, magic and passion.

"My mission is to expose the fear culture programming to rediscover our  innate divinity and wisdom for alignment, equity for all  and true  abundance!", Lori Reising



Lori Reising is the founder of The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast,  Awakening Your Life Force Retreats and Beginning Within Therapy.  She ,has been in therapeutic practice since 2001. Through her podcast, she provides an invitation to her Wild Heart Revolution, which is one of destroying this culture rooted in fear to uncover the unconditional love and divinity we are meant to thrive in.  Her mission is to explore the vast expanse of humanity by embracing all that we are and all the ways we can live in our full and divine selves.  You can often find her dancing to the sunset, deeply engaging in nature, making beautiful human connections, and wildly loving her animals!





I am your host, Maria C. Krause. Spiritual Mindset & Business Mentor, International Bestselling Author, Podcaster and Publisher.

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Let's make it happen Queen! Let's make this year your best year yet!

Love, Light, be

Maria. XXX

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