Podcast cover: Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates

Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates

When faced with a problem Bill Gates can’t solve, he likes to engage with knowledgeable individuals who can shed light on the topic. He refers to this as “getting unconfused,” a method he finds highly effective for learning. In his latest podcast series, Bill Gates embarks on a journey to demystify subjects that captivate him. Join him as he engages in enlightening conversations with experts on topics such as Alzheimer’s disease, cannabis, alternative meat, language evolution, and beyond.

When I start to feel overwhelmed by the climate challenges we face, I turn to Hannah Ritchie, a researcher at Our World in Data. Her data-driven approach is an essential antidote to environmental doomsday-ism and provides some much-needed optimism about humanity’s ability to tackle big problems. I recently sat down with Hannah to talk about her terrific new book Not the End of the World, why it’s so hard to wrap our minds around human progress, what we would ask a time traveler about the future, and more.

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