latest episode: 06.28.2019 @ 10:06 am

The hands * Lélé O

Make yourself comfortable, put your earphones on. Let’s start with a mindfulness session. Close your eyes and look at your body from the inside. Empty your mind, relax, breathe. Then let those hands…
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The Story of VOXXX

VOX for voice in latin, and XXX for porn. Half mindfulness, half ’Jerk Off Instructions’, VOXXX offers guided masturbation sessions imagined specially for the feminine sex. ​

VOXXX is an audio program, leaving space for intimate fantasies, rather than providing images ready to consume. VOXXX is full of masturbation techniques thought by women, for women, tested and approved. VOXXX has been created with participants of all genders, to stimulate all the kinds of attractions. VOXXX is sometimes fiction, sometimes relaxation, sometimes simply pure excitation.

Above all, VOXXX wants you to touch yourself, to explore yourself, to love yourself, and to give yourself a lot of pleasure.

Game on.

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