What’s Yer Weird Story?

Episode 113-

This week on the podcast our guest are a mother & daughter from South Carolina. Patty & Ashley decided to pay a visit to a local cemetery to take some photos and in turn, they were paid a visit as well. Even though they were spooked, they continued to go back. And things continued to happen! A truly spooky story gearing us up for Halloween. Adam & Barry are also joined by Special Correspondent & Official Reddit Weirdo Bobby on this week's spoopy episode of the WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY? Podcast!

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Everybody has at least one good story, but some of us have stories that are just a bit unusual...a bit strange...a bit WEIRD. The kinds of stories we don't tell just everyone, for fear of being thought of...differently. Hosts Barry Johnston and Adam Beeby, two lifelong friends, invite everyone to a fun, judgment free place to share their WEIRD stories.

The stories shared by our guests are their true experiences, and "WEIRD" covers a variety of subjects. So join us as we explore this weird universe as we ask...WHAT'S YER WEIRD STORY?

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This description is from What’s Yer Weird Story?.

Two old friends invite guests to tell their unusual, strange, spooky, and weird stories.

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