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WordPress Talk Show – Each week our host Jason Tucker brings together people from the WordPress community to discuss WordPress and how it is changing our businesses and our lives.

On this episode, Jason Tucker and Sé Reed discuss the concept of who “owns” the WordPress open-source project and the broader question of who controls WordPress, highlighting the tension between the open-source community’s ideals and the reality of centralized control. The episode concludes with a call for transparency and accountability in the WordPress community, particularly within project leadership.


00:00 Introduction and Episode Overview
00:11 Hosts Introduction
01:00 Challenges with the Astra Theme
03:00 Astra Theme Customization Issues
06:43 The 80/20 Rule in WordPress
08:00 Who Controls WordPress?
10:21 Entities Influencing WordPress
12:10 Matt Mullenweg’s Role and Influence
15:14 The Bay Bridge Lights Kerfuffle
17:00 Automatic’s Marketing Strategies
19:30 Conflicts Within WordPress Marketing
22:28 Sponsored Contributors and Their Roles
26:29 Transparency and Accountability in WordPress
30:48 The Impact of Centralized Control
33:20 Matt Mullenweg’s Authority
37:09 The Future of WordPress Governance
41:00 The Role of the WordPress Community
44:00 Ethical Concerns and Accountability
48:02 Sé Reed’s Code of Conduct Report
53:18 The Importance of Community Involvement
57:00 Conclusion and Call to Action

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