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Your Broccoli Weekly ∙ Sunday May 10, 2020 ∙ duration: 30:56

Your Broccoli Weekly - How is the lockdown affecting our mental health?

TW: In this episode, we speak to people who share their struggles with mental health, including suicidal thoughts. Listener discretion is advisedHave we underestimated the impact of the pandemic and lockdown on our mental health? How will our behaviour change in future as a result?  Diyora is joined by Dr Raj Persaud, Laura Peters, Head of Advice and Information Services at Rethink Mental Illness, as well as some guests who wanted to share their experiences of dealing with mental health issues during these unprecedented times    Mental Health Resources  Rethink - Mental Health Charity  CALM Website: Samaritans Website:  SANE Website: NHS mental health and wellbeing advice website Every Mind Matters website more information, episodes and clips used visit

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News moves at a breakneck speed that it’s almost impossible to keep up while also managing your own daily commitments. So what if you could hear a summary of 3 of the stories on everyone’s lips from this week? Journalist Diyora Shadijanova (@TheDiyora on Twitter), will bring the stories to life, joined by 2 guests every week, to discuss and dissect the topics at hand. #YourBroccoliWeekly

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