Discover Podmust’s official selection of podcasts for the Sunny Side of the Doc 2024 festival.

As part of Podmust’s unique partnership with the Sunny Side of the Doc international documentary market, held each year in La Rochelle, four creations have been selected to be shown to participants in the Studio, at the heart of the documentary market’s exhibition hall, from June 24 to 27.

In alphabetical order:


Production: Marie Geiser
Synopsis: This 6-part documentary series takes the listener to northern Norway, just a stone’s throw from Russia, to the Barents region. Here, Norwegians and Russians became friends after the Second World War, and are trying to remain so, despite the war in Ukraine. “Passeurs” explores the challenges of everyday life on a strategic border, and highlights how culture and sport can make a very real contribution to keeping the peace.
Country: Switzerland
Duration: 6×25 minutes


Production: Drilled Media
Synopsis: A true-crime podcast about climate change. Hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Amy Westervelt and reported by a team of climate journalists, Drilled investigates the various obstacles that have kept the world from adequately responding to climate change.
Country: USA
Duration: 10 seasons – ongoing

Disclaimer: this podcast contains advertisements, we respect its choice to be monetized with advertising.


Production: Marianne Moing (research, writing, editing, directing) Benjamin Liouville & James Brack (sound design and sound mixing)
Synopsis: October 23rd, 2022 – Marianne Moing drinks her last drink. At 26 years old, sober, she still struggles to understand the “why” behind her addiction.How could alcohol, one of her oldest friends, have become her worst ally in just a few short years? In search for answers, she turns the microphone over to five of her peers wrestling with alcoholism. A mix of anecdotal interview, expert opinion, personal introspection and a hint of philosophy, The Last Drink is a documentary podcast aimed at those struggling with addiction, those who might simply be questioning their consumption for the first time, and everyone in between.
Country: France
Duration: 4×30 minutes


Production: Sonia Kronlund
Synopsis: He goes by the names of Alexandre, Ricardo or Daniel. He calls himself a surgeon or an engineer, Argentinean or Brazilian. He lives with four women at the same time, adapting his story and even his personality traits to each one. A first-person investigation, with the help of a private detective, into an impostor with a thousand imaginary lives.
Country: France
Duration: 28 minutes (podcast) / 1h30 (movie)

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