The Podcast Show 2023 announced

The Podcast Show is a popular event that brings together podcast enthusiasts, industry professionals, and aspiring podcasters. The event, which typically takes place once a year, features a wide range of exciting panels, workshops, and presentations from some of the biggest names in the world of podcasting.

One of the highlights of the event is the keynote speech, which is often given by a well-known figure in the podcasting world. Past keynote speakers have included Dan Carlin, the host of the popular podcast “Hardcore History,” and Ira Glass, the host and producer of “This American Life.” In their speeches, these industry leaders share their insights and experiences, offering valuable advice and inspiration to attendees.

In addition to the keynote speech, the event also features a number of panel discussions and workshops. These sessions offer attendees the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and techniques in podcasting, as well as connect with other podcast enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The Podcast Show is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the world of podcasting. It provides a unique platform for attendees to learn from experts, connect with others in the industry, and gain valuable insights into the world of podcasting. Whether you’re an experienced podcaster looking to improve your skills or an aspiring podcaster looking to get started, The Podcast Show has something for everyone.

Dates: Wednesday 24 – Thursday 25 May, 2023
Opening Hours: 09.30 – 18.00 Daily (Doors open 09.00 daily)
Location: The Business Design Centre,
52 Upper St,
London N1 0QH


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