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The A24 Podcast

The A24 Podcast is produced by the film production company A24, known for its award-winning films such as “Moonlight” and “Lady Bird”. The podcast features in-depth conversations with personalities from the world of cinema, including directors, actors, and producers. Topics discussed include the creative process of filmmaking, guests’ influences and inspirations, as well as fun and interesting anecdotes about the making of A24 films. The episodes are hosted by journalists from The A24 magazine, who also provide commentary and analysis on the company’s films. The podcast is available on major streaming audio platforms.

Topics covered include: The script as a spell to perform, sneaking around your parents house, career ending movie ideas, the inaugural podcast compliment break, work and savoring as the only true constants, riding the Spook-A-Rama under the influence at Coney Island, the G word, so many boring people, finding equilibrium after a film, Jane’s favorite now defunct Epcot ride that featured Bill Nye and Ellen Degeneres, listening to Elliott Smith on set of I Saw the TV Glow, being a Weird Little Creature, Brig’s advice on how to always prioritize play, becoming a punk singer, and taking time to heal.

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