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Can fertilisers go green?

Ammonia has revolutionised the way we produce our food, helping us to grow much, much more... But it’s also helping to grow global greenhouse gas emissions too.

Synthetic fertilisers are actually responsible for around 5% of the planet-warming gases going into the air - that’s more than deforestation.

In this episode, Graihagh Jackson examines this challenge that modern agriculture poses to the climate, and finds out whether it’s possible to cut emissions from fertiliser use without cutting food production at the same time. She’ll also be joined by local reporters in Kenya to hear about innovative projects aiming to tackle this problem and turn farming green.

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Presenter: Graihagh Jackson
Reporters in Kenya: Michael Kaloki and James Gitaka
Producer: Ben Cooper
Researcher: Octavia Woodward
Production co-ordinator: Brenda Brown
Sound engineer: Tom Brignell
Editors: Simon Watts and Sophie Eastaugh

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Description by The Climate Question

A global programme that reflects the variety of takes on climate change, how best to understand it and the world’s attempts to avert it, temper it or adapt to it. It is not about questioning whether climate change is happening, it’s about finding the best ways to respond to it. This is sharp-edged, analytical inquiry. Hard scrutiny, touched with a sense of adventure and discovery, and where we can find it, hope. It includes stories from across the world on why we find it so hard to save our own planet, and how we might change that.

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