Why do we do what we do? #85

Find Your Voice ∙ Thursday February 27, 2020 ∙ duration: 6:04

Why do we do what we do? #85

- Find Your Voice, 27/02/2020 -

"Why do we do what we do?" by Aren Deu #85

A bit of a brain dump of an episode here, where I ask you the question "Do you help people because you want to be a hero, or do you want to truly just help people?" The reason behind this however, is that I am intrigued as to why we do what we do.

So ask yourself:

Do you help people because you want to be a hero?


Because you just truly want to actually help?

You often see in life, myself included - I am not perfect - we tend to help people for mixed reasons.

But more so with social media & with narcissism traits becoming more apparent by the hour, I see people offering help or assistance with a hidden agenda/intent.

Not saying this is wrong by the way, after all I am just 1 man's opinion, voicing my thoughts from time to time.

But I am truly, truly fascinated in understanding why do we do what we do?

Why do we need to suddenly try to take advantage of mental health deaths & post of the back of it pretending it has always been our cause? Why do we jump on trending topics in attempt to show our own 'worthiness'?

Why does tragedy force us to open up our social media accounts & show the world we are so great rather than show those around us, in person, around the corner, a drive away their importance first and foremost?

Why do we need to shout from the rooftops of our “Charitable work”?

To encourage others, or to prove to ourselves and others that we are good people?

I am fascinated by this & I don’t know the answers yet.

But I would in my limited knowledge put it down to, ego, a lack of something, a need for external validation, narcissism or not feeling enough irrespective of what you may actually already have..

I expect no-one to state they help people because they want something back. I am sure we all like to see ourselves as the latter of the initial questions. But deep down, we are all capable of figuring out and understanding why we do what we do, if we do not already know!

Nonetheless, I ask you the question, rhetorically of course.

Do you help people because you want them to see you as a hero?


Do you help people because, you can, expecting nothing back and because it is always a good thing to do & you just want to genuinely help?

This is a huge self awareness exercise that will teach us all an amazing lesson. Take time to figure this out, and really understand who you are.

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