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Curating an inventory of hidden gems and quality antique pieces takes time, thought and a keen eye. On this week’s episode, we talk with Krisi Hora, owner of Baltimore boutique, Peg Leg Vintage & Yelp reviewer Hannah H., about Hidden Gems - both from a consumer and business owner perspective. Krisi, works to uncover unique, high-quality items for her store and arrange them in an intentional way. Hannah, scours Yelp for “undiscovered” places, hoping to find something special.

Peg Leg Vintage:
Ali Schwartz:
Meserole Sound:

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It’s no secret that business owners want to receive positive reviews and customers want to have a positive experience. In Behind the Review, Yelp and Entrepreneur dig a little deeper on both accounts. Hosted by Yelp’s Small Business Expert, Emily Washcovick, Behind the Review features conversations with reviewers and business owners about their experiences—whether it was one star or five stars—giving listeners behind-the-scenes insights into what was really going on.Restaurants, plumbers, florists, salon owners, fitness entrepreneurs, and more share how they create unique customer experiences that generate reviews and offer real-life lessons that business owners in any industry can apply to their own operations. This description is from Behind the Review.

Behind the Review features conversations with business owners and reviewers about their experiences – whether positive or negative – giving listeners behind-the-scenes insights and real life learnings. 

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