Big wins for Latin America, climate tech momentum and Rover’s $2.3B sale

Here's what the Equity crew got into today:

  • Self-driving setbacks: Cruise is set to slash its costs in the wake of a safety mess, and greater scrutiny from regulators. Alex hopes that the current set of news items doesn’t slow down the progress of self-driving tech.
  • Webull snaps up Flink: Free trading is not just a business model that is popular in the United States. Webull is taking the Latin American market more seriously with its purchase of Flink.
  • Uber <3’s taxis: What are London’s iconic black cabs doing on Uber’s platform? And how long does it take to go from enemies to frenemies?
  • Rover finds the exit: Who would have guessed that dog walking would be worth $2.3 billion?
  • IPOs are heating back up (a little): With Shein and Reddit targeting the IPO market in the coming months, it’s time to get our S-1 boots back on and prepare for some new debuts.
  • Venture downturns are not death sentences: EU venture funding levels are down, but not out. And what’s going on Down Under?

We are back on Monday! Chat then!

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The intersection of technology, startups, and venture capital touches everything now. That’s why Equity unpacks the numbers and nuance behind the headlines for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, TechCrunch reporters Alex Wilhelm and Mary Ann Azevedo keep you up-to-date on the world of business, technology, and venture capital.Equity is ranked the No.2 podcast in the Top 100 Venture Capital All time leaderboard on Goodpods—As well as No.17 for the Top 100 Finance All time chart and No.32 for the Top 100 Business News All time chart.
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