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The Just Get Started Podcast is all about the "getting started" moments that people have taken to overcome their fear, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs and get on the road to a more fulfilling life. The lessons, stories, and insights shared in each episode are little morsels of knowledge that might help you get started discovering your own happiness and pointing the compass in a new direction going forward.

I started this Podcast in 2017 because of the many years I struggled with figuring out my "North Star" and not having the confidence to put out the projects that I loved to create and that might help impact others in a positive way. Through many years of discovery, I uncovered that I am a "Navigator" and my mission is to help navigate people to Just Get Started. I live my core mission through this Podcast, as well as through publishing Children's Books, Writing, Sales Coaching and Consulting, and many other endeavors that allow me to help others live a better life filled with happiness and a greater appreciation for the world around us.

I hope you enjoy this Podcast and the conversations and topics discussed and I always enjoy feedback to keep improving. Please send me a note through my website http://www.brianondrako.com and if you enjoy this podcast please consider leaving a review and sharing out with those who think could benefit from the stories.

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Just trying to motivate people to be fulfilled in life…that’s the mission!

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