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Find The Outside

A lively, off-the-cuff conversation hosted by Tuesday Ryan-Hart and Tim Merry on large-scale systems change and equity. For surprising turns, mind-blowing perspective shifts, and good ideas no matter what’s in the way.

In this podcast, we’ll share our greatest light-bulb moments as we advance our own understanding of this work. We’re doing it live, and inviting you in. Welcome! As Tim says in the first episode: reflection is too important to leave to chance. These conversations give us (and you!) a chance to slow down, catch our breath, and see our space and our work more clearly. Subscribe, share, and watch for new episodes coming through the fall. We’re happy to be in your ears!

In the final episode of Season 6, Tuesday and Tim explore the idea of nature as a self-regulating system and the multiplicity within it, the value of being present and enjoying life in the present moment, and the importance of finding a personal practice that brings joy and relaxation, rather than viewing it as a battle against anxiety. Tues also shares her experience and learnings running the Luminosity Intensive and the transformative impact it had on the participants. At the end of the episode, they pull cards from an oracle deck to provide guidance for the summer. Tune in to find out more!

For detailed show notes, links and resources, please visit: https://www.findtheoutside.com/podcast

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