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The Saddest Time of Year: All the Racing is Done

F1 is done! And at least one of the hosts doesn't really care. However, we are all sad because there is no race cars until January now.F1 NewsVerstappen recordsIndycar newsLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Description by Pit Lane Parley
Pit Lane Parley is a must-listen podcast for any fan of motorsports. Pit Lane Parley features in-depth analysis, behind-the-scenes stories, and exclusive interviews with drivers, team owners, and other key players in the racing world. With a new episode released every week, Pit Lane Parley covers all the latest news and developments in the world of racing, including race recaps, previews, and predictions. The podcast also offers insightful commentary on the technical aspects of the sport, such as the engineering and strategy that goes into building and racing a winning race team. Whether you're a die-hard fan of racing or a casual observer looking to learn more about motorsports, Pit Lane Parley is the perfect podcast for you. So put on your headphones, buckle up, and join the hosts guests as they take you behind the scenes of one of the most thrilling sports on the planet.
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