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At one point in your childhood, you probably thought you’d go to the Olympics. The hosts running this podcast still have those dreams, but they channeled that energy into a talk show about the games.

As we get ready to see the flame lit for the Paris Olympics, we thought it would be fun to bring you another special episode celebrating all 68 members of TEAM OTP ahead of the next two weeks of competition! And just like we did for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, we're here to bring you snippets from every single guest that has appeared on this very show who is set to compete in Paris. With such a stacked roster of incredible athletes from right around the world, TEAM OTP is definitely filled to the brim with talent and this episode will highlight exactly that and showcase why you will be cheering for them across the next 16 days. So strap yourself in to bring yourself into the Paris zone even further as we celebrate TEAM OTP in style!

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