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Brewing with Purpose: The Story of Good Cause Brewing and Its Impact on Community

When Andrew and Sally Whitney poured their hearts into Good Cause Brewing, they didn't just create another brewery—they stirred up a movement. Their story, which we're thrilled to share with you, is a testament to the power of combining passions: Andrew's brewing artistry and Sally's nonprofit acumen have birthed a business that's as refreshing to communities as their beer is to palates. Their spirit of philanthropy shines through in every aspect, from the eclectic local art gracing their cans to their dedication to grassroots initiatives like Be Heard, setting a new standard for how businesses can and should contribute to societal wellbeing.

As we sip and savor the flavors of Good Cause Brewing, the Whitneys take us behind the scenes of building a brewery that resonates in a crowded craft beer landscape. Their tales include a serendipitous late-night auction win of barrel racks and the meticulous science that goes into perfecting their brews. Andrew and Sally have made inclusivity their mantra, offering a variety not just limited to beer aficionados—think terpene sodas and non-alcoholic mocktails. It's a journey of crafting not just unique beverages but an inclusive experience that caters to all.

In the face of adversity, be it personal loss or natural disasters, the grit and resilience of the Whitneys are as clear as the Tulsa sky post-storm. They share the realities of navigating the tumultuous waters of entrepreneurship, from equipment woes to construction hurdles. Yet, their narrative is never without a silver lining, including the unforeseen blessings of rebuilding and the dreams they harbor for the future. Good Cause Brewing is more than a brewery—it's a beacon of hope and a celebration of the ties that bind us in our shared human experience.

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Jesse Ulrich and Chris Miller, two lifelong friends who have a passion to make their home city and state stronger, tackle the issues, articulate the frustrations, investigate the whys, and cheer the triumphs of the many hard-working individuals and their dynamic organizations who are working to make Tulsa, Oklahoma and the world a more vibrant and inclusive place.
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