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Navigating the CX Maze: Insights from Ian Robertson on VUX World

Join us on VUX World for an enlightening episode with Ian Robertson from the Forum, where we delve into the dynamic world of Customer Experience (CX). In this discussion, we'll explore the critical successes and oversights of today's CX leaders, unraveling the common challenges and emerging trends that are shaping the industry. A key focus will be on speech analytics and its interplay with AI - understanding its potential, limitations, and why it hasn't yet become a mainstream tool. We'll discuss the importance of linking what customers say to their actions and outcomes, emphasizing the need to start with identifying the problem rather than jumping to solutions. Ian will shed light on the right questions CX leaders should ask for AI success and why AI solutions often end up isolated. We'll also touch on the significance of silence in speech analytics, the hurdles in acting on data insights, and the balance between striving for perfection and accepting reality. This episode promises to offer a deep dive into the complexities of CX, enhanced by real-world case studies from Capita, The Times, and Anglian Water.Join us as we dive into the details.

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Interviews with the best brains in AI, sharing how to improve customer experience and business operations using emerging AI technologies such as voice AI, conversational AI, NLP, Large Language Models (LLMs), generative AI and more.

We educate business leaders and teams on why and how AI technologies are revolutionising the way consumers engage with businesses and the internet, why that matters and how to implement it properly.

“One of the most consistently insightful and deeply respected podcasts in the industry”

Bradley Metrock, Score Publishing

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