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Learn how to design chatbots the Salesforce way. We're joined by Greg Bennett, Conversation Design Principal, Salesforce, to discuss how Salesforce approach designing conversations for chatbots for their clients.

With 70% of people claiming they wouldn't use a chatbot again after a single bad experience, it's more important than ever to create conversations that build trust and deliver what user's need.

So how does Salesforce do that? How do you build trust through dialogue design? And how do you make sure that your chatbot can deliver on the core things your users need? Let's find out.

We'll also dive into the Einstein Bot Builder and find out what kind of use cases Salesforce clients are exploring and what kind of value they're finding from leveraging the combination of conversational AI and CRM technologies.

Whether you're a conversation designer looking to keep abreast of the latest methodologies or a marketer/strategist looking to find value in conversational AI, this episode of VUX World will dive deep to help you achieve just that.


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Learn how to implement voice first strategy and create world-class voice experiences with VUX World. Every week, we speak to industry thought leaders and practitioners on the three core pillars of voice: strategy, design and development. We share the deep details of how they do what they do, so that you can do what you do, better.

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This description is from VUX World.

The practical voice podcast that helps brands and agencies create world class voice experiences by covering the practicalities of voice assistant strategy, design and development.

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