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A podcast for anyone seeking to understand and go deeper on blockchains, crypto, and web3. But it’s really about how users and builders — whether artists, coders, creators, developers, companies, organizations, or communities — now have the ability to not just “read” (web1) + “write” (web2) but also “own” (web3) and build with pieces of the internet, unlocking a new wave of creativity and entrepreneurship.

with @rhhackett @smc90 @stephbzinn @tim_org

In this fun hallway-style conversation, a16z crypto's Sonal Chokshi, Robert Hackett, Tim Sullivan, and Stephanie Zinn discusses picks from our latest annual summer reading list, as well as evergreen/ Lindy picks that show up on our what-we're-reading lists again and again. We also share our top picks of all time. 

Throughout, we also discuss HOW we read -- whether audiobooks counts as reading or listening, graphic novels, read-alouds; on  multiple modes of reading; and technologies for reading and how they have changed us over time. Which books are better as movies and TV shows, and games too? Also, are collaboratively-filtered recommendations via family or friends really that great? What other heuristics -- and anti-heuristics! -- do we use to read? 

Finally, WHY we do read?? Is mythology and fantasy filling a hole left by religion? Wherefore nonfiction vs. fiction... or seemingly new genres such as "infotainment", "romantasy", and others?  From Shakespeare to Prince Harry to erstwhile seafarers to modern mermaids, this episode is a rollicking ride -- and love letter -- to all things books, and reading, from the a16z crypto editorial team and Andreessen Horowitz.  Curiosity is magic, after all!

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