Spotify Live shows are being cancelled

Spotify has recently announced that it will be pulling back from the live audio space by cancelling several of its popular shows. This move comes as a surprise to many, as the music streaming giant had previously shown a strong commitment to expanding its live audio offerings.

For those who are not familiar with the concept, live audio refers to streaming audio content that is broadcast in real time, rather than pre-recorded. This can include live events, such as concerts or sports games, as well as audio-only versions of television shows and podcasts.

Spotify had been heavily investing in live audio, with its acquisition of several podcasting companies, including Gimlet and Anchor, as well as the launch of its own live audio platform, Spotify Live. The platform featured a variety of shows, including sports, music, and comedy, with popular hosts.

However, the company has now announced that it will be cancelling several of its shows, citing “challenges in the live audio space” as the reason for the decision. This includes the cancellation of popular shows such as Deux Me After Dark, Doughboys: Snack Pack, The Movie Buff from comedian Jon Gabrus, and A Gay in the Life.

While it is not clear exactly what challenges Spotify is facing, there are several potential reasons for the company’s decision to pull back from live audio. One potential factor is the intense competition in the live audio space. With the rise of other platforms, such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, companies are facing increased pressure to provide compelling content to attract and retain listeners.

Another potential reason for Spotify’s decision is the cost of producing live audio content. Live audio shows require a significant investment in both technology and personnel, and it is possible that the company simply found that the costs outweighed the benefits.

Whatever the reason, the cancellation of these popular shows will likely come as a disappointment to many fans, who have come to enjoy the unique experience of listening to live audio content. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Spotify and live audio, but for now, the company seems to be taking a step back from this growing space.

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