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Bits in pieces: a fragmenting internet

The early vision for a borderless, unregulated internet has not panned out as its pioneers hoped. How to handle the “splinternet”? Doug Jones is Alabama’s first Democratic senator in a quarter of a century; in his moderate ways our correspondent finds broader lessons for the Democratic Party. And air pollution is a threat the world over—most of all to the well-being of children.Additional…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The Intelligence | 11.19 | 11:01AM

A Broken Promise on Taxes

As they lobbied the Trump administration for a $1.5 trillion tax cut, corporations vowed to invest the savings back into the U.S. economy. Today, we investigate whether they made good on that promise.Guest: Jim Tankersley, who covers economic and tax policy for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit Background reading:FedEx’s leadership lo…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The Daily | 11.19 | 10:49AM

The Backstory to Bolivia’s Coup

Bolivia’s first indigenous president, Evo Morales, was pushed out of office this month after attempting to secure an unprecedented fourth term. Now, the country is consumed by a power vacuum and the economy is facing challenges. How did Bolivia get here, and how can it rebound? Guest: Brian Winter, editor-in-chief of Americas Quarterly.  Slate Plus members get bonus segments and ad-free podcast…

Discover: the episode | the podcast What’s Next | 11.19 | 10:00AM

Election 2019: is Brexit reshaping politics in east Belfast?

The Guardian’s Ireland correspondent, Rory Carroll, visits east Belfast, where a majority of the protestant and unionist population backed Brexit. Is there an opening for a new kind of centrist politics? Plus: Suzanne Moore on the questions that remain for Prince Andrew. Help support our independent journalism at…

Discover: the episode | the podcast Today in Focus | 11.19 | 3:00AM

Let's talk about that party in Spain

Spain's far-right party just won more than 50 seats in its parliament, reminding some of the country's fascist past. Yes, the party is called "VOX". (Transcript here.)…

Discover: the episode | the podcast Today, Explained | 11.18 | 10:57PM

The free-for-all over Medicare-for-all

Jeff Stein describes how Medicare-for-all would work. Rachel Siegel explains what President Trump’s trade war is doing to lobster fishing towns in Maine. And Michelle Ye Hee Lee on single-dollar donors.

Discover: the episode | the podcast Post Reports | 11.18 | 8:37PM

Trump impeachment hearings go public

Television is carrying the evidence as officials give it. It's likely to make a bigger impact on the public. Also in this programme: the long-serving president of Bolivia is forced from office; what the British general election means in Northern Ireland; new weapons against Ebola; and the deeper meaning of India's Ayodhya ruling. (Picture: US diplomats George Kent and William Taylor are sworn in b…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The World This Week | 11.16 | 9:30AM

Politics with Amy Walter: The Impeachment Will be Televised

This week marked a shift in the ongoing impeachment inquiry as the first round of televised testimony began on Wednesday. Marie Yovanovitch, the well-respected former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine until May of this year became the third televised testimony on Friday. Yovanovitch believes she was removed from her post by President Trump because as she sees it, she was impeding his - and Rudy Guilia…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The Takeaway | 11.15 | 5:00PM

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