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Going through the motion: more Brexit contortions

It might have been a clarifying vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit motion; instead, more legislation and frustration. We dig through the parliamentary procedure to try to map out what happens next. Sports fans’ easy access to the world’s games poses a threat to some sports, and is even changing the nature of others. And, Indonesia’s curious push for halal pianos. For informatio…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The Intelligence | 10.21 | 10:05AM

Trapped in Syria, Part I: A Father’s Fight

Since the fall of the Islamic State, many of the group’s fighters and their families have been held in prison camps controlled by U.S.-allied Kurdish forces. Parents around the world have been trying to get their children and grandchildren out of the camps and back to their home countries. Now, the fate of those detainees has become an urgent question after President Trump’s abrupt recall of A…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The Daily | 10.21 | 9:57AM

Warren and Obama: It Got Messy

Guest: Alex Thompson, covers the Elizabeth Warren campaign for Politico. Podcast production by Mary Wilson, Jayson De Leon, Danielle Hewitt, and Mara Silvers. Slate Plus members get bonus segments and ad-free podcast feeds. Sign up now. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…

Discover: the episode | the podcast What’s Next | 10.21 | 9:00AM

How did a town in West Virginia become the opioid capital of the US?

Chris McGreal reports on the web of doctors, pharmacists and drug companies that made rural Mingo county, West Virginia, the opioid capital of America. And: Emma Barnett on why we need to be better at talking about periods. Help support our independent journalism at…

Discover: the episode | the podcast Today in Focus | 10.21 | 2:00AM

Introducing Reset

Students across the country are graded by artificial intelligence. But does an algorithm really know how to write?

Discover: the episode | the podcast Today, Explained | 10.20 | 4:00AM

The Syrians move back in

Syrian forces moved back towards the Turkish border, after the Kurds asked them to help. Alliances are shifting rapidly in the Middle East. Also in this edition: Catalan separatists get long prison sentences; an upsurge in violence in Burkina Faso; Somalia opens its first blood bank for decades; and the effect of Brexit on British politics and society. (Picture: Bystanders watch as Syrian troops…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The World This Week | 10.19 | 8:30AM

Trump awards a massive government contract – to himself

David Fahrenthold scrutinizes the president’s decision to award a major government contract — to himself. U.S. star Rose Lavelle discusses the future of women’s soccer. And Sonia Rao shares what indie studio A24 is doing right.

Discover: the episode | the podcast Post Reports | 10.18 | 5:58PM

Politics with Amy Walter: Will Impeachment Inspire more Republicans to Run for Office?

The midterm elections of 2018 served as a rude awakening for Republicans who watched their majority slip away in the House. Many Americans that had supported Donald Trump in 2016 decided to support moderate Democrats. In 2019, a record number of incumbent Republican retirements poses another challenge for the GOP. Winning back the seats in districts that Trump carried in 2016 is a priority for Re…

Discover: the episode | the podcast The Takeaway | 10.18 | 4:00PM

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