305 – Is Patience a Virtue For Your Finances?

Debt Free In 30 ∙ Saturday July 04, 2020 ∙ duration: 31:10

305 – Is Patience a Virtue For Your Finances?

- Debt Free in 30, 04/07/2020 -

Life's milestones like going to college or university, buying a house, or getting married cost money. And often the pressure to achieve these milestones at a young age leads to hasty decisions that come with a big debt load. But what if you took time off before making a major financial move? Would life turn out so differently if we didn't follow conventional wisdom? On today's podcast, Scott Terrio and Doug Hoyes explore the idea of delayed gratification and discuss why pausing before big decisions can lead to a more fulfilling future. While you may not be able to delay or avoid all of life's major milestones, you can take your time with at least one major financial decision to avoid being overwhelmed. Tune in to the show for lots of thought-provoking discussion!


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