Debt Free In 30

483 – Why Are Credit Reports Always Wrong with Richard Moxley?

In this week’s episode of Debt Free in 30, credit expert Richard Moxley returns to tackle the burning question: Why are credit reports always wrong? From the importance of credit ratings to practical tips on finding and fixing errors, we cover it all. Discover how to navigate post-insolvency challenges, handle account changes, and conquer stubborn collection accounts. Don't miss this deep dive into credit report complexities with actionable solutions!  


00:00 Introduction 

01:21 Why is my credit rating important? 

04:19 Do I care what’s on my credit report if I don’t plan to borrow? 

07:54 Should you check your credit report for errors? 

09:40 Is current employment updated on your credit report? 

11:00 How do you I find errors on my credit report and what errors do I look for? 

14:11 I filed a consumer proposal why is a creditor reporting I am behind on my payments? 

17:25 What happens if you sue the credit bureaus. 

20:36 Can you go to individual creditors to fix errors on late payments? 

23:21 Are there any strategies you can use to fix errors on your credit report? 

28:00 How much will it cost to have a credit expert fix the errors on my credit report? 

29:08 Are free credit score apps worth it? 

33:14 Disputes and account numbers 

37:24 Concluding comments 


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