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Debt Free In 30 ∙ Saturday May 30, 2020 ∙ duration: 26:01

300 – Can You Create Your Own Reality?

This is episode #300, so for something completely different, today we discuss whether or not you can create your own reality.

That would appear to be a silly thought; if I hit my thumb with a hammer, I can't create a reality where my thumb doesn't hurt.  I can't just imagine that I'm the King of England.  That makes logical sense, but it is also true that how we see the world determines how we respond to it, so in that sense we can create our own reality.

There is of course a lot more to it than that, so on today's show we start with Plato, and discuss the work of Professor Donald Hoffman, and relate it all to the world of debt, and men's beards during the COVID-19 lock down.  Enjoy!

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Each week Doug Hoyes talks to industry experts about debt, money, and personal finance. Don't be confused; listen as the guest experts cut through the jargon and share practical advice. [This description is from Debt Free In 30.]

What is debt free in 30? Doug Hoyes and Ted Michalos, licensed insolvency trustees, explain the Hoyes Michalos “Debt Free in 30?” approach to solving debt problems. Give us 30 minutes to review your situation and answer your questions, and we can help you make a plan to be debt free. Let’s get started.

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