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Conversation with Cal Newport — The Key to Productivity without Burnout

Cal Newport, a professor of computer science at Georgetown University and bestselling author, joins Scott to discuss productivity, the importance of work-life balance, and the disruption of AI on work. Learn more about Cal here, and his book, “Slow Productivity: The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout.”

Scott opens with his thoughts on storytelling. 

Algebra of Happiness: A Dad Hack. 

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Description by The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway
Bestselling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway combines business insight and analysis with provocative life and career advice. On Mondays, Prof G Markets breaks down what’s moving the capital markets, teaching the basics of financial literacy so you can build economic security. Wednesdays, during Office Hours, Scott answers your questions about business, career, and life. Thursdays, Scott has a conversation with a blue-flame thinker in the innovation economy. And Scott closes the week on Saturdays with his Webby Award–winning newsletter, No Mercy / No Malice, as read by actor and raconteur George Hahn. To resist is futile… Want to get in touch? Email us, [email protected]
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