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Take control of your payroll function and develop your knowledge with the Payroll Podcast. Join Nick Day from JGA Payroll Recruitment as he meets with guests who are shaping the payroll industry. Cut through the confusing legislation, latest technology and payroll compliance issues affecting your payroll department to discover how this short payroll podcast can improve your payroll operation.

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Welcome back to "The Payroll Podcast," where we delve into the latest trends of payroll management. I’m Nick Day, your host and CEO of JGA Recruitment Group.

Today, we're excited to have David McAlister with us, Partner for Global Compensation and Payroll Services at Vialto Partners, who brings over 18 years of experience in managing the complexities of international workforce mobility.

In this episode we cover: 

  • What payroll means in today's context.
  • Simplifying the concept of Global Mobility and its relevance to payroll.
  • The importance of Global Mobility in the global business environment.
  • Different types of assignments and their unique payroll considerations.
  • Differences between Global Mobility Payroll and domestic payroll.
  • Key considerations for compensation packages in Global Mobility Payroll.
  • Critical elements like tax implications, social security, pensions, and benefits.
  • Main compliance challenges and complexities in Global Mobility Payroll.
  • Current trends and technological innovations shaping Global Mobility Payroll.
  • Future challenges and opportunities in Global Mobility Payroll.
  • Best practices for managing cultural differences and compliance complexities in Global Mobility Payroll.

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David’s LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmcalister1/

Nick Day’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickday/

If you need the support of a payroll recruitment agency or a payroll staffing partner to help fill your next payroll vacancy, please please contact me!  I possess over 20 years of payroll recruitment agency expertise and I would love to help! nick@jgarecruitment.com or call 01727 800377

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Stay tuned for the next episode of The Payroll Podcast, brought to you by Nick Day, CEO at JGA Recruitment, landing soon!

(00:00) Preview 

(03:36) Introducing David McAllister

(07:27) Simplifying Global Mobility

(08:45) How To Manage Global Mobility Programs

(10:47) Business Benefits of Global Mobility

(11:50) Types of Global Assignments

(14:34) Domestic Payroll vs. Global Mobility Payroll

(18:01) Compliance Challenges

(20:19) Technological Innovations In Payroll 

(24:00) AI in Payroll

(29:31) Future Challenges and Opportunities

(33:45) Employee Experience and...

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