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🧳 “Cancel the Carry-on” – American Airlines’ new fee. Liquid Death’s tiny billboard. Nvidia’s Hermès handbag chips.

American Airlines increased their checked bag fee by 33%, but economics shows they should do the opposite — Airlines should kill overhead compartments… kill the carryon.

Liquid Death is selling the space on their boxes as an ad to Coinbase – It’s a “tiny billboard” and it’s the dumbest idea you can think of (and that’s the point).

Nvidia just announced that revenues nearly quadrupled last quarter — Because they price their chips like Hermès prices their handbags.

And Apple debunked the “rice will save my phone” theory — So we dug into the origin of the rice myth, and explain what to actually do if your phone gets wet.


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More episodes

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Feel brighter every day with our 20-minute pop-biz podcast. The 3 business news stories you need, with fresh takes you can pretend you came up with — Pairs perfectly with your morning oatmeal ritual. Hosted by Jack Crivici-Kramer & Nick Martell.
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