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This Is Working with Daniel Roth ∙ Saturday June 13, 2020 ∙ duration: 27:06

CEO Mary Barra on GM's Role in Times of Crisis

When Covid-19 hit GM’s radar in early 2020, GM’s CEO Mary Barra knew she had to move. Over the course of a few months, she closed plants, instituted austerity measures and, incredibly, changed from making cars to making ventilators. As an “action-oriented” leader, she’s always moved fast. But this was different. And when George Floyd’s death sparked a movement, Barra put GM on the forefront, setting a goal of making GM “the most inclusive company in the world.” She talks to Daniel Roth, LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief, about how GM made the changes and how she holds herself accountable. 

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Join LinkedIn Editor in Chief Daniel Roth, as he talks with the world’s top minds in business, government and beyond as we work together to navigate the changing landscape created by COVID-19. Featuring new interviews with leaders like Mark Cuban and Bill Gates, and digging into the archives for wisdom from leaders like Rebecca Minkoff, This is Working brings the decision makers to the table to answer your questions, directly. [This description is from This Is Working with Daniel Roth.]

Join LinkedIn’s Editor in Chief Daniel Roth, as he talks to leaders who have an outsized impact on how we work, what we buy and consume and how these decisions shape our future. Catch him every Wednesday for conversations with guests like Bill Gates, Diane von Furstenburg, Jennifer Lopez, Judd Apatow, and more.

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