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The Career Warrior Podcast ∙ Thursday March 26, 2020 ∙ duration: 28:52

#126) Unlock Your Creativity During a Period of Transition | Clara Chorley

Today, we're going to talk about unlocking your creativity during a period of transition. Our amazing speaker today is Clara Chorley. In the recording, Clara talks about how to get creative -- and discusses the 4 stages of career transition.

Clara is a career satisfaction expert who founded her business during the Great Recession. Clara has helped many professionals land better jobs and start their businesses...through 1-on-1 career coaching and keynote speaking. Clara has traveled through 44 countries and 5 continents -- and worked with organizations as diverse as Ernst and Young - and the Millennium Village Project in Africa.

This is special recording was done as a talk for COVID-19 Career Care Facebook group on 3/24/2020.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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