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Don Rivers - Democratic Candidate for Washington State Governor

Don Rivers - Democratic Candidate for Washington State Governor

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Don’s Bio

Don L. Rivers is an organizer not a fraternizer. In his many years of running for public office, he has not taken money from lobbyists, or any special interest groups. He considers himself to be a representative of the people, not a politician. He not only stands for the people but with the people.

Rivers wants to increase the state budget by 12.5% over the next three years. This will be accomplished through increasing more import and export commerce thus creating more jobs. Rivers plans to improve Washington State's desperate need for a better mental health system. The state and the health system need to work together to structure a mental health system that deals with preventive treatment as well as diagnostic and continuous treatment. It should be structured for everyone, not just those who are chronically mentally ill.

Rivers wholeheartedly support a woman's right to freedom of choice. No person, politician or government has the right to make that choice for a woman about what she can and cannot do with her body. Men have the freedom of choice and so should women.

Rivers knows that homelessness is one of the biggest crisis facing our state and nation. He wants to develop programs that will not only help to reduce the problem but treat the underlying causes such as runaways stemming from child trafficking and abuse, inflated mortgage rates, and unemployment as well as mental illness. 

Don L. Rivers plans to go across the state to all 39 counties to speak with the communities. This is to explore avenues and options which can uplift each county. Also to get a better understanding of the needs for investment opportunities in areas of real estate, manufacturing, education, etc.

We talked about the following and other items

Homelessness, lack of solutions, and personal experiences.

Crime, homelessness, and youth development in Washington state.

 Racism and crime in the US, particularly in Detroit and Seattle.

 Marketing strategies for small businesses during COVID-19.

 Supporting small businesses and creating economic opportunities.

Property taxes, inequality, and political representation.

 Industry growth, job creation, and inspection processes in Washington state.

 Leadership, COVID response, and vetting political candidates.

Infrastructure, ferry system, and job training in Washington state.

AI impact, government action, and currency diversification.

Politics, term limits, and mentorship.

 Addressing social issues in Washington state, including racial disparities in the criminal justice system and providing opportunities for young people.

 Listening, learning, and leading in Washington state.

Police reform and accountability.

Police reform and community involvement in Seattle.

Police training, mental health, and arts funding.

Mental health and senior care in Washington state.

Government's role in addressing crises and providing support.

 Leadership, governance, and community involvement in Washington State.

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