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Markets Daily Crypto Roundup

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Crypto's impact on the upcoming election with CFTC Commissioner Summer Mersinger and US Senate candidate John Deaton 

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Today's "The Hash” segment was broadcast live from Consensus 2024 in Austin, Texas.

CFTC Commissioner Summer Mersinger and US Senate candidate John Deaton discuss the seriousness and institutionalization of the crypto industry, the need for regulatory oversight, the impact of crypto on the upcoming election, and the changing stance of the Biden administration on cryptocurrency.


00:00 The Seriousness and Institutionalization of the Crypto Industry

02:18 The Need for Regulatory Oversight in the Crypto Market

06:50 Crypto's Impact on the Upcoming Election

16:29 The Changing Stance of the Biden Administration on Crypto




This episode was hosted by Jennifer Sanasie and Sam Kessler. “Markets Daily” is produced by the CoinDesk team: production assistant Victor Chen, senior producer Michele Musso, executive producer Jared Schwartz, and Senior Booker, Melissa Montañez.

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