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Cultivating a culture of growth with Dr. Mary Murphy

When we think of a growth mindset, we often consider how we as individuals hone our skills. Our guest today challenges us to expand our growth mindset to inspire our communities and organizations to value learning and resilience. Dr. Mary Murphy is the founder and CEO of Equity Accelerator and the author of “Cultures of Growth: How the New Science of Mindset Can Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations.” She sits down with Jessi to discuss how her mentorship under Carol Dweck led her to identify cultures of growth and how they are created.
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Description by Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel
Ever wish you had a pal who could break down the biggest ideas of the new world of work and distill them into actionable insights you could apply to your own life, right away? Meet LinkedIn's Hello Monday with Jessi Hempel! Each week, Jessi explores the changing nature of work and how that work is changing us. Jessi welcomes big thinkers to share their best ideas: everyone from game-changing entrepreneurs like Aurora James, to research-based experts like Daniel Pink, to notable figures like Megan Rapinoe and Bozoma Saint John. Start your week by joining us every Monday for a dose of fresh ideas, then join us in community and conversation on LinkedIn. New episodes weekly.
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