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Keeping Creative and Rebranding Rite Aid Healthy Futures with Andrew Staub

Andrew Staub is a journalist-turned-PR-pro with 15 years in the communications industry. He is the communications manager for Rite Aid Healthy Futures, a nonprofit grantmaking organization affiliated with the Rite Aid retail pharmacy chain. Here, Andrew shares how he worked to rebrand Rite Aid Healthy Futures and why he wouldn’t let a multiple sclerosis diagnosis stop him from pursuing his goals.


Key Takeaways:

·        The frustrations of being a writer

·        Rebranding Rite Aid’s Healthy Futures initiative

·        Andrew Staub's personal journey with multiple sclerosis


Episode Timeline:

1:10     The frustrations of being a writer

3:45     The joy of creative inspiration

4:55    How to keep the creative juices flowing

7:00     The challenges of paywalls in the news industry

9:45     Andrew’s solution to paywalls

10:50  The Rite Aid Healthy Futures rebrand

15:30  The Strengthening Cities initiative

16:55   The importance of doing good work in the community

18:00   Andrew’s MS diagnosis wouldn't stop him from pursuing his goals.

22:00   How having kids can change your productivity


This episode’s guest:

• Andrew Staub on LinkedIn

• Rite Aid Healthy Futures


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