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S9E16: The return of the start-up

In this episode of WealthVest: The Weekly Bull & Bear, Drew, and Tim discuss the most recent inflation report, consumer sentiment, how many rate cuts are currently priced in, and the state of start-ups in the United States. 

WealthVest – based in Bozeman, MT– is a financial services marketing and distribution firm specializing in fixed and fixed index annuities from many high-quality insurance companies. WealthVest provides the tools, resources, practice management support, and products that financial professionals need to provide their clients a predictable retirement that has their best interest in mind.

Hosts: Drew Dokken, Tim Pierotti

Album Artwork: Sam Yarborough

Show Editing and Production: Tavin Davis

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Description by WealthVest: The Weekly Bull & Bear

WealthVest presents the WealthVest: The Weekly Bull & Bear. A podcast dedicated to bringing financial professionals the most up to date weekly analysis of the trends and developments occurring in capital markets both here and around the world. 

Listen in as we analyze these developments and shine a light on the events that matter to us.

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