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No Labels, No Limits – A Podcast Dedicated to Breaking Free of Labels and Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Personal and Professional Success Are you in the middle of a big life change? Planning to make a move in the near future? Have a long-held but always postponed dream or goal? Starting to wonder why a smart, motivated and committed person like you is still waiting to get started Each No Labels, No Limits guest has overcome personal challenges and obstacles while pursuing goals, and they share how they succeeded despite setbacks. They are real, down-to-earth, women and men who are heart-centered, and truly care about each listener. They share practical tips, tools, and resources to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. As a BONUS, they share what they wished they’d known when they were young about the path yet ahead. So, sit back and enjoy the conversation with Sarah Boxx, Strategic Vision Coach and Consultant to individuals and organizations choosing the No Labels, No Limits, No Excuses approach to life and success.

Welcome back! In this episode, we explore Rodney Thomas's inspiring journey and insights into the transformative power of music and teaching:

  • From Recording Artist to Educator: Rodney's evolution from a 1990s recording artist and TV host to a dedicated school administrator and music production teacher.


  • Passion for Artistry and Education: How Rodney's career has been marked by a deep passion for both artistry and education, influencing his diverse roles as a creative consultant and development expert.

  • Inspiring the Next Generation: Discover how Rodney uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of artists and creators at One School of the Arts and Sciences.

  • Music and Personal Growth: Explore the profound impact of music on personal growth and positive change, as Rodney shares stories of resilience and authenticity among his students.

  • Changing Perspectives and Serving Others: Rodney discusses how music and education can change viewpoints to serve others, making information palatable and accessible, and emphasizing the impactful role of a single individual.

  • Music, Storytelling, and Emotion: Delve into the relationship between music, storytelling, and conveying emotions or narratives, highlighting their role in shaping perspectives and creating meaningful connections.

Join us as Rodney shares his journey, insights, and the profound influence of music and teaching in shaping lives and communities.

Email Rodney Thomas at: rthomas@oneschool.net to learn how YOU can make an impact.

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