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So Here’s What Happened

A monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women who love to watch and read a lot of things! Every episode Carolyn (@CarrieCnh12) & LaNeysha (@la_ney_sha) come together to review & recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. From fluffy romance novels and funny romcoms to gritty comics and dark anime. They don’t hold back and get into it all. Subscribe for new episodes and follow us on Twitter @SHWH_Pod to be a part of the #SHWHPod community and share your recs and reviews with us too! Available on a podcast app or streaming service near you (except SoundCloud because that sh*t is expensive). To contact us email, [email protected]

Filmmaker Patricia Bbaale Bandak, joined me for Carolyn Talks Podcast, to chat about her documentary DEATH OF A SAINT, which is a personal visual diary to her late mother Imelda who was killed when Patricia was a child, and her own daughter Imelda. In the film, Patricia journeys from her home in Denmark, to her homeland in Uganda in search of answers on who her mother was.

The film premiered at the 2024 #HotDocs Film Festival. #CarolynTalks #FilmCritfic #Interview #FemaleFilmmaker

Visit https://www.monolitfilm.dk/, for more information on Patricia's previous films.

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