Podcast cover: Zero Dark Nerdy

Zero Dark Nerdy

The World’s Most Notorious Pop Culture Podcast that’s highly suspect, yet unusually entertaining, with some spoilers and swearing involved. Guys and Gals get together to review and argue about Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Hip Hop, Cosplay, Cartoons, Comics, Comiccons, as well as interviews with artists, musicians, difference makers, and entrepreneurs.

Food and Cosplay are two things we love here at Zero Dark Nerdy and we have the lovely Yummy Geek from Instagram Fame joining us on our latest podcast adventure. We dish on our favorite dishes, cosplays, comic-cons, meals, and movies/shows based on chefs, restaurants, and the service industry. Be sure to follow The Yummy Geek on IG and don't forget to like, rate, and subscribe to Zero Dark Nerdy on your favorite social media and podcast outlets.

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