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The Rewind Movie Podcast ∙ Thursday July 23, 2020 ∙ duration: 1:42:20

All the Real Girls (2003) - Episode 39

If anybody smiles at me ever again, I'm going to freak out. On this Throwback episode, Devlin has chosen David Gordon Green’s 2003 melancholy indie romance All The Real Girls.

We meet small town lothario Paul (Paul Schneider) after he has already become enraptured by his best friend’s younger sister Noel (Zooey Deschanel), and begun a tentative romance that doesn’t sit well with drinking buddy and fellow carouser Tip (Shea Wigham) who knows all too well what his worst impulses can lead to. Before he hit the big time with his Blumhouse Halloween franchise, we return to David Gordon Green’s roots with his second feature, and discuss his idiosyncratic career trajectory. 

Set amongst the natural splendour and post-industrial decline of North Carolina, where Green & Schneider studied film along with co-star Danny McBride, this naturalistic, meditative film was a seminal discovery for Devlin back when he was on the brink of adulthood - does it still hold the same sway now? And will it cast any kind of spell on Gali, Patrick & Matt, who he hassled relentlessly to watch it all those years ago?

Outro Song - 'She's Got Issues' The Offspring (1998)


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Drawing on a decade-plus friendship whose roots stretch back to their film-obsessed student days, Gali and Devlin cast an eye backwards to the movies that kickstarted their love of film. In their Throwback series, each will take turns picking a title that they consider seminal to their youth, and watch again to determine whether they wasted their precious childhoods sitting in the dark with these VHS tapes, or if their movie touchstones still hold up today.

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