Tubi or Not Tubi

In this Beetlejuicy, paranormal episode of Tubi or Not Tubi, we navigate the purgatory of the 2018 film, Ghost in the Family, written and directed by William David Glenn IV.

What happens after you accidentally die? More importantly, what happens if essentially nothing happens after you accidentally die? And MOST importantly, what happens when Tubi attempts to answer these questions? We may not have really wanted to know...

But we definitely found out.

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So you're sitting on your couch... Or in your bed... Or on the subway during a 3-hour commute to a generic ceremony that vaguely involves a series of bizarre acquaintances... And you need something to stream.You stumble across the free film streaming app named Tubi. You marvel at the variety of quality films, many of which no one has encountered before.You click a title that interests you based on the description.A dog vomits within the first ten minutes... in live-action.We made a podcast to experience that so you don't have to.Join Ceci and Rafiq as they traverse the inner depths of Tubi's vast film library to view, analyze, and evaluate your next favorite (or least favorite) works of cinema. This description is from Tubi or Not Tubi. Subscribe or follow this podcast:

Join Ceci and Rafiq as they traverse the inner depths of Tubi’s vast film library to view, analyze, and evaluate your next favorite (or least favorite) works of cinema.

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