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Pastoralism, uncertainty and development

Uncertainties of all sorts – environmental, market-based and political – are on the rise, as the world faces climate and environmental change.

In this episode of the IDS Between the Lines podcast, Rashmi Singh, interviews Professor Ian Scoones from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) whose book: Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Development – makes the case that recognising how pastoralists make productive use of variability and embrace uncertainty is central to understanding how pastoral systems in marginal dryland and montane systems work. 


They argue that learning lessons from pastoralists is therefore important for all of us, as well as ensuring that development efforts are more effective across the world’s rangelands, where millions of pastoralists live.

This podcast offers wider lessons for rethinking development policy and practice for today’s uncertain, turbulent world.

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Description by Between the Lines

This podcast series explores books with ideas for positive social and environmental change. Each month we feature a book and an interview with its author. The discussions give an insight on the themes covered in the book, exploring the challenges and discoveries, and why the issues matter for progressive and sustainable development globally.

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