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Brothers Reunite: The Story Behind Evolution 2.0

EXACTLY 20 years ago this week, I flew to China to see my brother Bryan.

We got into an argument on a bus (a story I’ve told 1000 times). He was

bailing on his missionary career and his entire Christian upbringing, and I found this deeply upsetting.

Odds are you’ve heard my version of the story: the Evolution 2.0 book and

prize, my work in virology and cancer research, and the 1/3 of my life I spent as

a member of the science community. It has redefined my life.

People always ask how this turned out for Bryan. Odds are you have NOT

heard his side of the story! You might be surprised how attentively he has

watched as this has unfolded. 




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"Understanding Living Systems" by Denis and Ray Noble

"Evolution 2.0" by Perry Marshall

"Master and his Emissary" by Iain McGilchrist

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The Evolution 2.0 Podcast explores the intersection of art, technology, business, biology and spirituality. Discover new trends in evolution that change the way we think about everything. Host Perry Marshall is author of Evolution 2.0 and founded the Evolution 2.0 Technology Prize, a $10 million quest for the missing link between the information age and life itself.

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