Evolution 2.0

Evolution 2.0 ∙ Friday June 26, 2020 ∙ duration: 30:31

COVID Accelerates the Uberization of Food

In 2019, I interviewed Joel Salatin, advocate of alternate farming. Our conversation prompted me to predict for the decade 2020 - 2029 that laws would be overturned making local food production and distribution a rising economic force. I didn't know then that COVID was about to speed that process up 10X. Here's what's happened since then.

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The Evolution 2.0 Podcast explores the intersection of art, technology, business, biology and spirituality. Discover new trends in evolution that change the way we think about everything. Host Perry Marshall is author of Evolution 2.0 and founded the Evolution 2.0 Technology Prize, a $10 million quest for the missing link between the information age and life itself.

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The science of evolution has been held hostage far too long by religious and anti-religious extremists.

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