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Dublin Gulch, Wylde Nept, Enda Reilly, The Crowfoot Rakes, The Ciderhouse Rebellion, Molly Donnery, Natalie Padilla, Kevin Meehan, Fig for a Kiss, Blackthorn, Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones, The Drowsy Lads, Charlene Adrima, Bealtaine, Drumspyder, Ironwood, Hayley Griffiths


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0:02 - Intro: High Octane

0:11 - Dublin Gulch "Rick O'Shay Reel" from Tap 'Er Light

3:10 - WELCOME

5:14 - Wylde Nept "The Butterfly" from All's Fair

7:12 - Enda Reilly "My Dublin Girl" from Hy - Brasil

9:31 - The Crowfoot Rakes "The Marion Jig (Live)" from Off She Goes

11:27 - The Ciderhouse Rebellion with Molly Donnery "Jimmy Murphy" from A Little Bit Slanted

14:41 - FEEDBACK

18:46 - Natalie Padilla "Sailor's Love" from Paths and Places

22:24 - Kevin Meehan "The Living Bridge" from Spanish Point

25:45 - Fig for a Kiss "Johnny Be Fine" from Wherever You Go

27:35 - Blackthorn "Almost Every Circumstance/Galloping Ass" from Here's To You

31:22 - Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones "The Lough Sheelin Eviction" from Let the Free Birds Fly

37:51 - THANKS

41:19 - The Drowsy Lads "Memories and Moments" from Everyone In

44:50 - Charlene Adzima "The Old Flail/Pauline Conneely's/Sizzling Bacon" from The Initiation

49:21 - Bealtaine "Star of the County Down" from The Founders' Room Vol 2

52:14 - Drumspyder "The Templehouse" from Green Mantle

56:15 - Ironwood "The White Gypsy" from Gretna Green

60:23 - CLOSING

1:01:14 - Hayley Griffiths "Black Is the Colour" from Far from Here

1:05:10 - CREDITS

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather and our Patrons on Patreon. The show was edited by Mitchell Petersen with Graphics by Miranda Nelson Designs. Visit our website to follow the show. You’ll find links to all of the artists played in this episode.

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* Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. I am Marc Gunn. I’m a Celtic musician and podcaster. This podcast is for fans of Celtic music. It’s here to connect you with some of the amazing musicians who are performing Celtic music around the world.

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Every year, I take a small group of Celtic music fans on the relaxing adventure of a lifetime. We don't see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to know the region through its culture, history, and legends. You can join us with an auditory and visual adventure through podcasts and videos.

The Celtic Invasion of Scotland’s Whisky Distilleries is now booked. The next Celtic Invasion will go to Galicia in Spain IF I can get enough people to explore that region with me. I need a minimum of 6 to make it happen. It’s not yet open, but if you’d like to join, sign up to our mailing list. Learn more about the invasion at http://celticinvasion.com/
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Cheryl Arvio emailed: “Hi Marc, My boyfriend went to an Irish set dance yesterday. Since it was Pride Day in Chicago, he wore your Pride Month with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast T - shirt to the gathering, prompting several of his fellow dancers to tell him that they, too, are listeners of the podcast!

Just thought you'd like to know you've got fans here in Chicago  ☘️☘️🎻🪗😊”

Daniel Ide emailed from Fallbrook, CA: 'Dia duit Marc  -  I am delighted to officially become a patron of The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast.

I have been a fan of your show since this time last year, and an Irish and Celtic music fan most of my life.  I stumbled upon your podcast while searching “Celtic Music” on Sirius Radio.

I played in an Irish Folk music band in college 40 years ago (when The Chieftains ruled and Sinead was kicking ass).  We called ourselves “The Rakes of Kilarney”.  I was a guitarist and singer back then, today I am a full on percussionist (congacero mostly) with a passion for Latin - Jazz and Afro - Cuban rhythms.  This past year I have been practicing my Bodhran playing to a level of session quality performance (thanks to your podcast).  My plan is to travel to the West of Ireland in the end of October and session hop my way from Galway up to Sligo and beyond.  I will be hitting you up for recommendations as the date grows closer.

I am 5th generation Irish - American.  My ancestors fled the hard times In Ireland during the 1870’s, landing in Boston.  Very few of them, generationally, have ever returned, myself included.  I have been a student of Irish and Celtic history and culture with a romantic notion of returning “home”.  My parents have been there a few times, making connections with distant relatives in Castlebar and Derry.  I intend to return to the origin point of most of my family, feel what needs to be felt and embrace what ever is to come of it.  Ever since I read John O’Donohue’s “Anam Cara” I have been absolutely smitten with my imminent return to the home of my ancestors.

So, as you can see, I am experiencing a delightful homecoming to my ancestral roots, and The Irish and Celtic Music podcast is providing me with a lovely springboard for weekly indulgences.  What I love most about your show is your authentic love of the music, and the wonderful new connections being made for Irish and Celtic Music right in our own backyards.

Blessings of Peace and Love to you and your’s.



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