The Delectable Delights of Northern England

What makes a recipe or a particular ingredient to withstand the test of time? What P.G.I and P.D.O. foods can one discover in England?

On this episode I tried to explore a few unknown -or at least relatively unknown- ingredients of traditional English cuisine; specifically from the North of the country. Recipes or food items that intrigued me, that sound delicious, unique or at least deserve a mention equal to others that we revived in the past, and need to reviving too!

While other European - particularly Italian and Spanish- peasant, simple, food is (in my opinion) rightly praised by chefs in UK as tasty, hearty, healthy during the past decade or so a trend that accelerated the last couple of years, it seems to me that we completely sidestepped, disregarded or forgotten the delicious simple recipes from England. Is that on purpose? Is it some form of snobbery?

Have a listen and see what you think about Ribblesdale Cheese, Cumberland Rum Butter, Herdwick Lamb Macon, Manx Logthan Sheep, Char from lake Windermere, Dock Pudding, Pickled Damson, Wilfra Tart, Hawkshead Wig and Cowheel!

Bon Apetit!

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